At Ackerson Pump Company, we understand that water is the lifeline of your family and your home. If you’re considering moving to a New Jersey home that is on its own well and septic, you should always have a well inspection to make sure that everything is functioning correctly and in good condition prior to making your big move. Most individuals aren’t aware that a general home inspector is not licensed to perform well inspections.

Ackerson Pump Company can come to your home, inspect your water well in 1-2 hours, and provide valuable feedback and recommendations that a typical home inspector cannot. Contact us today to schedule your well inspection!
Water Well Inspection New Jersey  Well Inspection NJ

Water Well Inspection

Perhaps you’re moving to a new home in Newton, or Parsippany, NJ. Don’t take a chance that your well isn’t functioning up to par. Let Ackerson Pump Company handle your well inspection. Our well inspectors will do a thorough job of examining the well to be sure it is operating correctly and able to keep up with the demands placed upon it. During a water well inspection, we will check the following things:

  • We’ll start inside the house, examining the tank, fittings and valves.
  • Monitor and pump the well. This involves taking off the well cap and checking the water level as we run it.
  • Check the water softener water for iron, sulfur, and hardness.
Be sure to add this vital inspection to your “to-do” list before moving in to avoid any unpleasant surprises after your move-in date that will be your responsibility.

Request a Water Well Inspection!

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