Most homeowners notice when there’s a major problem with their water pump. Consistently low water pressure, foul-smelling water, or a complete lack of running water are obvious signs you need to call in the professionals. Is there a method to catching some of these problems before they even start? Yes, there is! The team at Ackerson Pump Company recommends practicing these three maintenance tips to check that your water pump is working at top-notch condition.

3 Maintenance Tips for Your Water Pump

1. Test the Water

Testing the water that runs through your well system is an important maintenance task. At Ackerson, we recommend having the water tested yearly. This will help catch any unwanted elements, such as bacteria, pesticides, sulfate, or nitrates, that may be in your water. It’s also a good method for checking to make sure the water your family and pets are drinking is safe and healthy.

2. Listen to the Water Pump

When we say listen to your water pump, what we’re saying is listen for any strange or funny noises coming from the pump or well system itself. It could be something barely noticeable, such as a loud hum of the inner mechanism. It could also be a noise that’s not easy to miss, like a loud clunking when you run the bath or use the washer. If you notice any kind of change, it’s best to call a professional, like Ackerson Pump, to take a look at your water pump and well system. 

3. Inspect the Water Pump

Another way to keep an eye on your home’s water pump is to visually inspect it. Catching any type of issue before it becomes a larger one will help prevent expensive repairs down the road. Jet pump water systems are typically located above the ground. Submersible pumps are often located in the basement. 

Have an Issue? Call Ackerson!

If you’ve done all you can to maintain your water pump and you’re still experiencing issues, it’s time to call the experts at Ackerson Pump Company. Contact us today at (973) 827-6088. We also provide well inspections, water well maintenance, and water tank installations for clients throughout Sussex County and nearby areas.

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