Well Inspection QuestionsIf you own a Sussex County home that has a water well, you probably know that it’s a good idea to have your well and water tank inspected regularly. Our recommendation at Ackerson Pump Company is to first check your water tank’s manufacturer recommendations for regular service. They usually include good directions for home owners, but if that isn’t clear (or you lost the manual a long time ago), try to have your well and tank inspected at least every two or three years.

When the well inspector comes to your home, we recommend that you meet him and be prepared to ask some questions. Here are three questions we think you should always ask your well inspector:

  • How long do you anticipate the inspection will last? We think it’s important for you to be at the well inspection so you can talk to the technician directly. However, because you have to take time out of your day, it’s good to ask the inspection company how long the appointment will last prior to their arrival.
  • Do you automatically replace parts? Part of our well inspection service is to take a look at the well, fittings, and valves. You will want to ask your inspector whether these parts are replaced automatically as part of preventative maintenance or only if they’re in disrepair.
  • Can I do anything to make my well function more efficiently? While your well and water tank may not need repairs, the inspector may have some tips on how to get it to function at its best. He may suggest some upgrades or other tips that can help you get the most out of your home water system.

These three questions are certainly not the only ones you could ask your well inspector. Be sure to add any other system-specific questions you might have to this list prior to your inspection. 

Ackerson Pump Company has been in the well and water tank business in Sussex, Bergen, and Morris County, NJ, since 1969. We have a solid record of helping New Jersey residents with all their well, water tank, and water pump needs, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. If you have any questions about your well or a well inspection, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at (973) 827-6088. We’d be glad to answer your questions, tell you about our well and water tank services and specials, or schedule your next service call.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay