When you need a professional well inspector for your Morris County home, you can rely on the qualified and licensed inspectors at Ackerson Pump Company. We understand how wells work, and can conduct any repairs needed on your well or related systems. Be sure you are hiring a qualified well inspector who is both licensed and educated in well water systems and can also repair any of the components or equipment associated with a private well.

3 Things to Look For in a Professional Well Inspector

1. Licensed for Well Inspections

Many homeowners don’t realize that some home inspectors are not necessarily licensed for conducting well inspections. According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), a separate certification is needed for inspecting wells and their ancillary systems. This type of certification will give a well inspector the education they need to properly inspect the systems and components in private wells.

2. Educated in Well Systems

A certified well inspector will understand how a well works as well as identify any defect or problems within the well system itself. This includes items such as

  • checking the well meter
  • identifying health and safety hazards in the well system
  • accurately describing the well’s condition
  • collecting well water for testing, as needed
  • troubleshooting common well problems
  • understanding the various local and state regulations involving well systems
  • and more

3. Can Perform Other Related Inspections

The professional well inspectors at Ackerson Pump Company are licensed to perform well inspections, are educated in all areas of a well system, and can also repair and install all related components and systems. We will inspect both the water tank and the well during your residential well inspection. If we spot any issues or damage, we can get to work right away, fixing and correcting the problem.

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When it’s time to have your well inspected, contact the team at Ackerson Pump Company by calling (973) 827-6088. We are more than happy to perform a proper inspection of your Morris county well system. We can also repair or replace various types of water pumps, water wells, and water tanks.

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