At Ackerson Pump Company, it’s important to us to use only the highest-quality products for our customers. As experts in the water tank and pump industry, we’ve seen plenty of products come and go, as well as what brands our customers use. In our professional opinion, though, Amtrol provides the best—especially with their steel Well-X-Trol water tanks. Below are a few reasons why.

Strongest Tank Design

Amtrol’s steel water tanks are built to last, with quality built in throughout the manufacturing process. Their design also features multi-dome construction.

Highest Working Pressure

At 150 PSIG, you can’t find a better working pressure than Amtrol’s Well-X-Trol water tanks.

Better-Tasting Water

A polypropylene liner and a butyl diaphragm in Amtrol’s water tanks prevent the “rubbery” taste that other water tanks sometimes give water.


Amtrol Well X Trol Water Tanks Used by Ackerson Pump

The Longest Warranty

Seven years! That’s the longest warranty you’ll be able to find for a water tank—and if it’s not and you find one with a longer warranty, trust us, you don’t want that water tank.

Protection Against Leaks

Amtrol’s Well-X-Trol water tanks have a welded air stem to help eliminate leaks. This is a fantastic feature! Who needs a leaky water tank?

The Best in Water Circulation

These water tanks also have a patented turbulator device which will keep your water circulated properly and powerfully.

Fast Installation

Amtrol hasn’t forgotten the actual installation process. Their Well-X-Trol tanks also include an optional pro-access connection for simpler installation.


As you can see, the Well-X-Trol tanks from Amtrol are excellent products—the best in the industry. That’s why we at Ackerson Pump Company swear by them, and it’s one of the reasons our name has been a fixture in the cities of Hamburg, Sussex, Bergen, and the surrounding New Jersey areas since 1969. We also carry Flexcon fiberglass tanks, and we use all brass fittings when we install your water pressure tank instead of plastic. We want our name to continue being synonymous with quality! If you’re looking for any water tank or water pump services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (973) 827-6088!

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