In the spirit of keeping up with the Joneses, you’ll find more perfectly manicured and lavishly landscaped yards now than ever. While it’s beneficial to care about your home’s curb appeal and important to care for your greenery, you need to make sure you do it in a healthy, sustainable way. Many people are too fast to grab the pesticides—sometimes to the detriment of their groundwater.   While dousing those stubborn weeds with herbicide may seem best for your lawn, you could unintentionally be poisoning your water supply. If used excessively, herbicides, fungicides, and other poisonous chemicals seep deep into the ground—and can eventually mix with the groundwater. If you have a personal well, this water then flows into your water tanks, and the submersible pump propels the water into your home. Think Before You Spray To avoid contamination, try to stop using pesticides. Below are some that can resolve your yard woes—without the harsh chemicals.
  • If you have pests in your yard, try eliminating their habitats by clearing dead leaves, trash, or other clutter. If they have nowhere to live, then they have to leave.
  • If you’re having a weed problem, try weeding it yourself before using an herbicide. Make sure to get all of the weeds’ roots to prevent them from growing back.
  • If your garden is being overrun by pests, the New Jersey Pesticide Control Program lists several naturally brilliant solutions, such as companion planting and trap plants.
  • If you’re a farmer battling bacteria, fungi, or weeds in a field, consider soil steaming. Not only does this process immediately kill all harmful substances, but it’s also very healthy for the soil.
Remember, if you have a problem, try a natural remedy first. If that doesn’t work, then use pesticides—sparingly. If you’re afraid that your groundwater quality has been compromised, contact Ackerson Pump today at 973-827-6088 to make an appointment. We can test your water and inspect your submersible pump and water tanks to make sure everything is pure. If we do find a problem, we can fix it. We’ve been serving the city of Sussex, as well as Bergen County and Morris County since 1969.  We look forward to providing you with clean water.