Water well companies, like Ackerson Pump Company, are available for routine water well maintenance and installations in addition to water well emergencies. However, they can’t be at your home or business 24/7 waiting for a problem to appear. We’ve created this water well maintenance checklist, based on recommendations from the New Jersey Ground Water Association, so you can take preventative action by checking your water well system periodically and knowing what to look for in the event there’s a problem. Follow these steps to keep your family, your property, and your well water system safe and sound.

Maintenance Checklist for Your Well Water System

Well Water Maintenance Checklist

  • When your well needs to be serviced or a new well needs to be installed, use a licensed water well inspection company. Ackerson Pump Company is licensed to service and install well water systems, water tanks, and water pumps. 
  • Schedule an annual well maintenance check that includes a bacterial test. You should also schedule service whenever you notice a change in the taste, odor, or appearance of your water.
  • Regularly inspect the well cover or well cap for any signs of disrepair or damage.
  • Keep dangerous chemicals, like fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, safely stored and far away from your well. Never treat ground that’s near your well with any type of fertilizer or pesticide.
  • When mixing pesticides or fertilizers, avoid placing the hose in the container, as this can result in back-siphonage.
  • Take care when landscaping or mowing your lawn near the water well system. Landscaping materials should slope away from the top of the well, and items like snow or leaves should never be piled around your well.
  • There are statewide standards that must be followed in order to keep your well and its equipment separated from any buildings or waste systems. Make sure your well water contractor is familiar with them.
  • Store your water well records in a convenient yet safe place so you can refer to them as needed.

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