When you’re buying a new home, you want to make sure you know what you’re purchasing—especially if the home has had previous occupants or is an older home. Most people opt for a home inspection that checks out the basic condition of the house. However, if the home has a water tank that’s several years old, you may want to make an purchase offer that is also contingent on a water tank inspection or water tank replacement.

Sussex County Water Tanks Ackerson Pump Company of Sussex, NJ, is the area’s leading expert in all things water tank and water pumps. Input from one of our trained staff can be invaluable in knowing the condition of the property’s water tank. We’ll gladly come look at your new home’s water source and the system pump to assess its condition and offer suggestions for current or future repairs.

A few things that our team will look at include:

  • Overall tank condition
  • Pump functioning
  • Water pressure
  • System efficiency
  • Parts in need of repair or replacement

If the water tank or water pump needs some work, we’ll be sure to give you a written quote for those services, including all parts and labor. We’ll also include a quote for ongoing water tank maintenance. That way, you know what costs you can expect if you follow through on purchasing the home.

Ackerson Pump has been serving New Jersey homeowners—both old and new—since 1969. We provide service to water tanks, water pumps, submersible pumps, and more in Sussex, Bergen, and Morris counties. We’ll make sure you and your new home get off to a good start. Feel free to contact us at (973) 827-6088 to schedule your water tank inspection. Then, after you purchase your home, we can also get you on the schedule for water tank maintenance or repairs.