Have you ever come home from a vacation or long trip to find that the water wasn’t working? If you use a jet water pump, the solution to bone-dry faucets may be priming the system. Unlike submersible pumps which are self-priming, jet water pumps have to be primed in order to work. Have no idea what to do? Don’t worry. Just follow the steps below from InspectAPedia® in an article titled “How to Prime a Well Pump, Two Line Jet Pumps & Drinking Water Wells”:
  1. If possible, connect a garden hose (or a chain of multiple hoses) from a neighbor’s spigot to where your water pump is located.
  2. Turn off the electricity at your house, and drain any existing water from the system’s pipes.
  3. Find a hose with female connections on both ends (commonly found on washing machines).
  4. Next, open the plumbing fixture near your water tank. This will allow the air to drain out of the system.
  5. Connect the free end of the garden hose (the one that’s not attached to the neighbor’s spigot) to the washing-machine hose. Next, connect all of this to a faucet that’s close to your water pump.
  6. Open the house water shutoff valve so the water can be transferred.
  7. Turn on the neighbor’s water. You’ll likely hear air being released from your plumbing fixture. When water starts flowing, close the faucet.
  8. Let the neighbor’s water fill your water tank. As it does, you’ll see the pressure begin to rise. Continue this process until you reach the appropriate amount of pressure (the water from your neighbor’s will stop flowing).
  9. Turn off the faucet, and then turn on the electricity.
  10. Try turning on the water inside the house to see if the water pump begins working. If it does, congratulations! You’ve successfully primed the tank.
  11. Make sake sure to let the water run for a while. The water from the hose may be contaminated.
  12. If the water doesn’t work immediately, repeat the above process. Sometimes it takes a few tries to build enough pressure.
If the water pump needs primed frequently, there’s likely a deeper problem — like a leak in the system or a valve that needs repaired. This kind of problem is best left to the pros. The Pump Professionals Not comfortable handling plumbing problems or doing home repairs? You’re not alone. Instead of troubleshooting by yourself, call the experts at Ackerson Pump Company. We’ve been serving Bergen County, Morris County, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey since 1969. This means we have decades of experience priming water pumps, installing water tanks, and fixing other problems. We provide the best in customer service, and we are even available 24/7 for any water pump emergencies. Call us today at 973-827-6088 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.