New Jersey has an abundance of clean drinking water, so it’s often easy to take water for granted. However, groundwater pollution is quickly becoming a big problem. Over 99 percent of the freshwater we drink comes from underground aquifers. An article written by Payal Sampat titled “Groundwater Shock: The Polluting of the World’s Major Freshwater Stores” shows how flippant attitudes toward the environment have caused serious consequences. Published in the World Watch Magazine in 2000, this article explains how we’re contaminating major groundwater sources worldwide through pesticides, excessive levels of nitrate, and other chemicals. We need to actively care for the water we have so that future generations will be able to enjoy clean water too. That’s why the National Ground Water Association® (NGWA) is promoting change. How to Protect Groundwater One of the NGWA’s big initiatives is Protect Your Groundwater Day on September 10. Below are the two major ways the NGWA encourages us to protect groundwater: 1. Beware of contamination 2. Reduce water waste We’ve discussed the risk of contamination in earlier posts. Pesticides, insecticides, and overfertilization are all common causes of contamination. Disposing of aerosols, electronics, and other chemicals incorrectly also pollutes our freshwater supplies. The second way to protect your groundwater is to reduce the amount you use. While the United States only has water shortages during catastrophic events, much of the world is in a daily water crisis. Preserving and conserving the resources we have is the first step to living sustainably. Protect Your Well In addition to protecting groundwater, it’s also imperative to protect yourself by testing the water you drink. If you have a well in Bergen County, Morris County, or Sussex County, NJ, Ackerson Pump Company can test your water. We’ll ensure it’s safe, healthy, and free of harmful contaminates. We can also do maintenance work on your water tanks and submersible well pump to make sure everything is working correctly. This year celebrate Protect Your Groundwater Day by ensuring your water is safe for your family. Contact us at 973-827-6088 to make an appointment. At we value customer service and are available 24/7 in case of any emergencies.