Well Inspection

A home’s well is its – and your family’s – lifeblood. If you’re considering buying a new home in Sussex County, Bergen County, Warren County, Morris County, or Passaic County in New Jersey, a well inspection is definitely in order. Here at Ackerson Pump Company, we offer a wealth of experience when it comes to inspecting your new home’s well.

Hire a Professional Well Inspector

Before moving into your new home, a professional well inspection is needed to ensure that your well is functioning properly. Most people don’t realize that home inspectors are not licensed to perform home inspections. That’s why it’s so important to call the experienced, trusted professionals at Ackerson Pump Company to make sure your well is working properly. Our appointments typically only last 1-2 hours, and will provide you with critical feedback and recommendations to keep your well in top shape.

What Happens During a Well Inspection?

A typical well inspection follows this process:

  • A professional well inspector from Ackerson will arrive at your home.
  • The inspector will start inside your home, taking a close and detailed look at your house’s valves, fittings, and tank.
  • The well inspector will closely monitor your well and check the water levels in it.
  • The inspector will check for sulfur, iron, hardness, and other abnormalities.

A well inspection from an Ackerson professional is a quick, simple, and informative way to ensure that your new home’s well is in good order. Your family simply can’t take the chance that your well isn’t functioning properly!

Schedule a Well Inspection Today

Here at Ackerson, we offer unmatched experience and professionalism for well inspections in Bergen County, Morris County, Warren County, Sussex County, and Passaic County. Contact us today at (973) 827-6088 to schedule a quick, safe, and professional well inspection!