If your New Jersey home utilizes well water, the National Ground Water Association recommends that you get a periodic professional well inspection and cleaning. You want to make sure you are drinking clean water that doesn’t have a funny aftertaste, contain bacteria, or contain unwanted debris. Plus, a clean well operates more effectively and efficiently.

How do you know if your well needs cleaning?

The National Ground Water Association gives Sussex County homeowners the following hints that a residential well may need cleaning:
  • Water that is “cloudy or has suspended matter in it.”
  • Your well’s capacity has decreased.
  • You notice an “odor or taste problem” with your water.
  • Your well water has tested “positive for coliform and/or overall biological activity.

What will a water well inspector check?

A water well inspection typically lasts 1-2 hours. Ackerson Pump of Sussex County, NJ takes time to make sure your residential well, water tank, and water pump are functioning properly. The inspection also includes an assessment of the water softener for iron, sulfur, and hardness, as well as a functional analysis of the well pump. From there, the well inspector will give you recommendations for well water optimization.

Who do you call to schedule your well inspection?

The National Ground and Water Association recommends that you hire a professional well water system contractor to get the best quality well inspection. If you live in Sussex County or Bergen County, call NJ family-owned Ackerson Pump Company at 973-827-6088. You can also fill out our online contact form.