You’re going about your day as usual, ready to wash the pile of dishes in your sink or take that long, hot shower, when you realize you have no water pressure. You look at your clock only to realize that your local plumber has likely gone home for the day. What do you do? How do you get your emergency water pump issues solved? Allow Ackerson Pump Company of Sussex, NJ to come to your rescue. Before making that call to Ackerson Pump Company’s emergency water pump service line, you may first want to check a couple of things (as recommended by Aaron Stickley in Home Water Pressure Issues):

  • Double-check that the water meter is on all the way.
  • Verify that the main shut-off valves are on completely.
  • Take a look at your pressure regulator to see whether it’s acting irregularly.

Even if you don’t know how to correct these issues, you will want to have that information on hand before calling an emergency service line. If it’s a problem you know you can fix, then do so at your discretion. However, you may save yourself time and money by calling a water pump professional. (Those plumbing tools and supplies alone can get pricey.)

Ackerson Pump Company of Sussex, NJ has a long-standing reputation for quality, friendly repairs and water pump replacement. Our emergency service line exists because we know how frustrating it can be for your water not to be working correctly. We want to help you troubleshoot your water issues and get them solved as soon as possible. If you’re having an immediate, after-hours water pump emergency, call Ackerson Pump Company at 973-827-6088. Our staff will respond in a prompt and timely manner to get your water back up and running.