Ice-cold, thirst-quenching, aftertaste-free—these expressions all describe the ideal water. Is that the kind of water that comes out of your tap? If not, it’s time to get a water pump inspection. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that, if they have a private well, they’re responsible for maintaining it. Many residences go years and even decades without testing their water and could be unknowingly consuming harmful bacteria or pollutants.

It’s Best to Test

The New Jersey Ground Water Association recommends testing your submersible well pump and water quality annually. They also encourage you to test your water immediately if you notice any changes in its taste, odor, or appearance. If you’re unsure whether your water is “normal” or not, the Southern Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has posted a chart that lists any abnormal smells, tastes, or side effects that contaminated water may cause. For example, water that tastes bitter or has a rotten-egg odor and taste is usually a tipoff that something is wrong. If you have any doubts, it’s always best to test. Water is a vital form of sustenance, and Ackerson Pump Company can ensure that the water your family consumes is contaminant free. Our licensed professionals do full-service inspections, examining everything from the water tanks in your well to the water itself. If we do find a problem, we’ll be able to pinpoint what caused it and the best way to fix it. Whether you need a water pump replacement or a simple chlorination treatment, we’ll help you achieve the best—and safest—water quality. To make an appointment, contact us at 973-827-6088. The experts at serve Sussex and the surrounding counties in New Jersey, including Bergen County and Morris County.