Many people like having well water because it’s more natural than city water. While city water is taken from rivers and then purified, well water comes from the natural underground supply near your house. When it rains, the water slowly filters through the rocks, sand, and other sediment, deep into the ground. This process purifies the water, removing most of the pollutants. Then, the water goes into your submersible pump system and water tank so it’s ready when you turn on the faucet. Quality: It’s in the Details Since you never see any of this process, you probably don’t think much about your water. However, you should pay attention to its quality. Since well water isn’t filtered or sanitized like city water is, you’re responsible for making sure your water is clean and safe. According to the New Jersey Ground Water Association, the two factors that have the greatest effect on your drinking water are the following:
  1. The natural elements in the ground
  2. Any kind of pollutants
While you don’t have much control over the elements in the ground, such as the rocks, gravel, sand, and soil, you and your neighbors do significantly determine the amount (and kind) of pollutants in the ground. The next entry will discuss how to protect your well water from pollutants. At Ackerson Pump, we care about your water quality. To help give you the best water, we scan do a well inspection, test the purity of your water, inspect your submersible well pump, and even do well water treatment programs. We’re located in Hamburg, NJ, and we serve Sussex County, Bergen County, and Morris County. Contact us today at 973-827-6088 to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you.