If you are building a home that requires a water well system, it can be confusing to know which type of water pump is necessary for your particular property. There are several varieties of pumps to choose from, including submersible, constant pressure, and jet pumps. Ackerson Pump Company has years of experience helping homeowners choose the best type of pump for their Warren County property. Below is a brief guide that explains what a jet pump is, how they work, and how to choose one for your home.

What Is a Water Well Jet Pump and Which One Do I Need?

What Is a Jet Pump?

A jet pump is a non-submersible pump that is used to pump water from the well to your home. These types of pumps are typically mounted above the well, in the home, or in a completely separate structure. There are two kinds of jet pumps: shallow well and deep well. Shallow well pumps are used when the well on your property is no more than 25 feet deep. Deep well pumps are used on wells that are up to 200 feet deep. They can also pump larger amounts of water than a shallow well jet pump can.

How Does It Work?

Jet pumps move water from the well to your home by creating suction. The pump is powered by an electric impeller that allows water to move quickly through the water well system. This process results in a vacuum that draws water from the well into your home. Any water that is not used remains within the pipes that lead to your plumbing system.

Which One Do I Need?

If you’re unsure which jet pump is best for your Warren County home, a professional pump company can help. They will determine if your property needs a shallow well jet pump or a deep well jet pump by measuring the depth of your well and considering other property conditions. As stated above, shallow well pumps are typically used in wells that are no more than 25 feet deep. Deep well pumps are installed in wells that are up to 200 feet deep.

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