Discovering that your home has no running water can be quite distressing. There are several reasons why water may not be coming out of your taps, such as frozen pipes, damaged valves, or malfunctioning well pumps. Ackerson Pump Company has decades of experience helping homeowners with water supply problems. Here are the steps we recommend taking if your home has no running water.

What to Do If You Have No Running Water

Turn on All Faucets

The first thing to do is check the other faucets in your home. It’s possible there may be a specific issue with one particular faucet. If you find the other taps aren’t working either, then there’s most likely a problem within your water system. 

Check for Frozen Pipes

Pipes are vulnerable to freezing during the winter season. If you turn on the tap in the middle of January and there’s no running water, this is a likely possibility, especially if you’ve noticed lower water pressure or if you have uninsulated pipes. To warm up the pipes, open all cabinets with exposed plumbing and turn up the heat. The heat in your home may slowly warm up the pipes and get the water moving again. 

Look for Any Leaks 

A leak in your home’s plumbing or the well system can lead to an unexpected drop in water supply. Look for signs of leaking, such as water near the hot water heater, in the basement, and under the bathroom or kitchen sink. Moisture coming through the walls, ceilings, or under the carpet is another sure indicator there’s a water leak. Call your plumber or Ackerson Pump Company to address this immediately as water intrusion can cause considerable damage.

Examine Your Water Pump 

A water pump that isn’t working properly can result in little to no running water. If your pump is above ground, check that it’s functioning properly and pulling water from the well. If not, there could be a problem with the well pump or pressure tank. If you have a submersible well pump or the electric pump isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional.

Serving Morris County 

If you are having trouble with your jet pump or submersible pump, contact Ackerson Pump Company at (973) 827-6088 to schedule an appointment. We provide 24/7 emergency services for issues in Morris County and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask about our well inspections, water well repairs, and water tank installations.

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