Water Pump EmergencyYou get up early to make sure you have everything done before you have to head out the door. The kids (or perhaps your cute and ever-faithful feline) are still snoozing, leaving you just enough time to get a quick shower before lunches have to be packed or that first email needs to be sent. You climb into the shower and turn the knob—nothing happens. You crank it up even more, but not more than a few drips come out. “Now what?” you think as you contemplate the busy day ahead of you.

When your water pump suddenly stops doing its job and you find yourself in an emergency situation, you are not alone. All you have to do is call the water pump professionals from Ackerson Pump Company.

About Us

At Ackerson Pump Company, we have a fully staffed team ready to serve the residents of Bergen County and Sussex County, NJ, around the clock. If your home has a water pump, well, or water tank and you find yourself in an emergency at the most inconvenient time, don’t sweat it. Just pick up your phone, and call us at (973) 827-6088. We’ve been serving the area since 1969, and you can rest assured that you’ll get quality service, professionalism, and only the best parts and repairs.

Our Services

In addition to emergency house calls and repairs, Ackerson Pump Company offers a few other services that you can schedule at any time, including:

Contact Info

To find out more about who we are or what you can expect from a service call, contact us anytime at (973) 827-6088. Our trained staff would be glad to answer all your questions or schedule maintenance or repairs for your home’s water system. If it’s an emergency, we’ll get there as soon as we can to figure out the problem and find a workable solution.


photo credit: Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons