Since water is a necessity, everyone uses and consumes it on a daily basis. However, are you aware of how much water you’re actually using during your everyday routine of cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes? Most people aren’t. Since water is so easily accessible to most people in the United States (we just lift or turn the faucet handle), it’s easy to be out of touch with how much extra water we’re consuming—and wasting. Once we become aware of this problem, we can make environmentally friendly choices regarding our home water pump systems and total water consumption. Then we can begin conserving one of the earth’s most valuable resources—water.


It’s actually quite easy to see how much water you and your family use every day from your own water tank. This water use calculator, made by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, takes only one to two minutes to complete. After finishing, you’ll be able to see how much water your household uses daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. Take a minute to complete it and see what your water statistics are.

Compare and Cut Back

According to the World Water Council , the average American uses about 100 gallons of water per day, but the average European uses half that amount—about 50 gallons. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report , states that the United States is the country that consumes the most water in the entire world. Given this information, we should all take some simple steps to cut back on our water consumption. One of the biggest wastes of water is having a submersible pump or other water pump system that is leaking or isn’t functioning properly. Make sure your water pump, submersible well pump, and water tanks are in good condition and working efficiently. If any one of these pumps isn’t performing optimally, make sure to get a water pump replacement. Since so much of the system is underground, it’s wise to have professionals regularly service your home water system. Below are some other simple tips to help reduce water waste:
  • Don’t leave water running any longer than you must. Work on shutting it off while you’re brushing your teeth, drying the dishes, and any other time you may be tempted to leave it running.
  • Don’t overwater your yard. Everyone likes the appealing look of healthy, green grass, but many people overwater their yards and end up wasting precious water.
  • Don’t do small loads of laundry. Try to wait until you have a substantial load to throw in the washer.
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