Your water pump is on the fritz. However, one trip to the local home improvement store overwhelms you with the number of options available. A submersible pump catches your eye, but how do you know whether this pump is best? Don’t stress. Let’s discover what a submersible pump even is and why some homeowners choose this type of pump.

A submersible water pump is a single-unit, self-contained well pump that installers place directly into the water well. You can find many types of submersible water pumps, but you may be wondering, “Why would a homeowner choose a submersible pump instead of a freestanding water pump?”

Sta-Rite—one of Ackerson Pump Company’s main water pump suppliers—answers consumers’ questions about the value of a submersible water pump in this short video.

As you can see, a submersible water pump operates at peak efficiency. While a high-quality submersible pump may cost you more initially, it can pay back over time as it uses less energy, lasts longer, and works harder than other pumps. Additionally, a submersible water pump is quieter than other water pump types. You don’t have to put up with the clinking and clanging of your old well pump any more.

Do you have more water pump questions? Ackerson Pump Company is an expert in water pump installation as well as routine well inspections. We can help Sussex County, Bergen County, and Morris County residents determine whether a submersible pump is the best choice. Plus, we offer high-quality products that last years longer than many competitors’ brands and the best customer service in the area.

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