Many homeowners don’t take the time to think about their water tanks until a major problem arises. When trouble with your water well system strikes, it’s often too late to perform any minor maintenance services or repairs. This can cause an interruption in your water service for hours or even days. Avoid these types of water issues by having your water tank properly and regularly maintained. Ackerson Pump Company suggests the following three steps to ensure your water tank performs at its best for many years to come.

3 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Water Tank

1. Install a High-Quality Water Tank

Maintaining a water tank begins with installing a high-quality product. The quality of materials used to produce water pressure tanks can affect how well the tank functions, how long the tank will last, and the taste of your water. We recommend two top-of-the-line tanks: a Flexicon fiberglass tank or a Amtrol WELL-X-TROL water tank. Our professional team has chosen these two brands for both their performance and their longevity.

2. Service Every Two to Three Years

It is highly recommended to have your water tank serviced every two to three years. Not only will this extend the life of your jet pump, it will also keep the water tank itself in the best possible condition. While the water tank is being serviced, it’s a good time for the water tank inspector to catch small repairs that may need to be made. It’s much better to catch these small issues and correct them before large or expensive repairs become necessary.

3. Hire an Experienced Pump Company

An experienced and professional pump company, such as Ackerson Pump, will perform the following repairs and maintenance tasks on your water tank:

  • Replace the gauge, switch, and release valve, if needed
  • Replace any faulty or broken parts on the pump
  • Check that all water tank functions are working properly
  • Air charge the tank as needed

To find out more about the water tank services at Ackerson Pump Company, contact our friendly team at (973) 827-6088. We also perform well inspections, replace water pumps, and repair water wells.