Did you know that Ackerson Pump Company provides a wide range of water well services throughout Sussex County? That’s right! Whatever your water well needs, the team at Ackerson can repair, maintain, or replace any damaged equipment within your water well system. Below are four of the most common types of water well repairs we perform for our customers.

4 Types of Water Well Repairs We Perform

1. Water Pump Repair

We work with several types of water pumps including submersible, sump pumps, jet pumps, and constant pressure pumps. Sump pumps can often stop working due to a clog or faulty valve. Maybe your home is experiencing unusually low water pressure and you suspect a problem with the constant pressure pump. Whatever the issue, our team will diagnose and repair the problem in no time at all.

2. Water Well Lines

When you need new water lines installed or the existing water lines require repair, you can count on Ackerson. We install all types of water lines from the well to the house, and then connect them in your basement or crawl space. We also repair collapsed, leaking, or any other type of damaged water line.

3. Water Tank Set-Up

Our expert team can install or maintain water tanks. The water tanks we install are top-of-the-line and offer top-notch performance and durability. We also maintain water tanks so they’re always working at optimal efficiency. Replacing release valves, switches, and gauges as needed, and also charging the tank are a few of the water tank maintenance services we provide.

4. Well Chlorination

Chlorinating your well ensures that you have water that is safe for drinking. This process kills bacteria and any disease-causing organisms that may enter your well. This can happen after a flood or heavy rain, or can simply occur naturally over a long period of time. Either way, chlorinating your well is a safety measure we take to protect you and your family.

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At Ackerson Pump, we take pride in a job well done. Whether you need a water pump repaired, a well inspection, or a water tank replaced, your home’s well system is in capable hands. Contact us today at (973) 827-6088 to schedule an appointment.

Image Source: Wikimedia