When you’re in need of a water tank for your home in Passaic County, look no further than the high-quality tanks provided by Ackerson Pump Company. These trusted brands in the well water industry are built with excellence and quality in mind. Both include at least a five-year warranty, but you can expect these top-of-the-line tanks to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Let’s break down why we are convinced that these are absolutely the best steel water tanks in the industry today.

Well Water Tanks: 2 Types We Use And Why

1. Amtrol WELL-X-TROL Water Tanks

At Ackerson, we use one of the most trusted brands of well water tanks, the Amtrol WELL-X-TROL. This water tank features an innovative design built from high-strength steel, and delivers 150 PSIG of working pressure. It also has a turbulator water circulator device, an antimicrobial liner that neutralizes bacteria on contact, and includes a seven-year limited warranty.

The WELL-X-TROL water tank includes these benefits:

  • Strong tank design with deep-drawn steel and multi-dome construction
  • Stainless steel system connection
  • Welded air stem that eliminates leaks
  • Tuf-Kote™ HG indoor/outdoor coating
  • DuraBase® composite stand that never corrodes

2. Flexcon Fiberglass Tanks

Flexcon is the only water tank on the market today that offers computer-aided design (CAD2) technology to create a controlled action diaphragm system. With superior air and water separation, these water tanks range in size from 14 to 119 gallons, and include a five-year warranty. Before leaving the factory, each Flexcon water tank undergoes rigorous testing, including a seam-weld test, high-pressure test, and helium test. 

Flexcon fiberglass tanks also include these features:

  • High-quality urethane paint
  • Silver-ion-infused antimicrobial liner to help eliminate water-borne contaminants
  • Condensation-reducing design to help prevent external corrosion
  • Steel clench ring that regulates movement and prevents the diaphragm from rubbing against the tank wall
  • Patented, welded, and steel water connection that has separate air and water seals

Quality & Performance Guaranteed

When you need a quality water tank for your home, trust the brands offered by Ackerson. Contact us today at (973) 827-6088 for any questions about our well water tanks. Along with water tanks, we also provide water pump repair and installation, well inspections, and water well repair and service.