While issues can be found in all water systems, including city-run systems, private wells typically have their own set of problems. A few of these well water dilemmas provide us with several indications there’s a problem, such as mineral stains, foul tastes and odors, and dry, itchy skin. There may also be no sign of trouble with your well water until you need to call a well repair service like Ackerson Pump Company. Knowing what signs to watch for will help you know how to combat these well water issues, and possibly even prevent them. 

5 Potential Problems Caused by Well Water

1. Soap Scum

Hard water is common in private water wells and is known to cause issues like soap scum, scaling, and spotting. Scaling occurs when there are high levels of minerals, such as calcium carbonate, in your water. This mineral builds up on surfaces, and when combined with soap scum, can be extremely difficult to remove. 

2. Mineral Stains

One of the more obvious indicators you have an issue with your well water is mineral stains. The most common mineral stain is caused by iron and can turn your sinks and bathtubs a bright reddish-orange hue. 

3. Foul Odors

Foul odors or strange-tasting water is another common problem with private wells. This may not necessarily be harmful to your body, but it can make drinking water or cooking with water very unpleasant. Showering and bathing can also become a dreaded chore when you have to deal with smelly water.

4. Dry Skin

Just like hard water can leave build-up on your tub or shower, it can also do the same thing to your hair and body. This can cause a dry, itchy scalp and body, which is less than ideal for most people. It can also cause damage to your hair, leaving it dull and difficult to manage.

5. Cloudy Appearance

Well water that has a cloudy appearance could be an indicator of sediment or sand in the water. This could be caused by poor filtration or surface water seeping into the well. 

Water Well Services in Sussex County

Ackerson Pump Company can take care of many water well repairs such as chlorinating the well for safe consumption or testing water for harsh chemicals or minerals. Contact us today at (973) 827-6088. We serve Sussex County and all nearby areas with our water pump repair and installation, submersible pump repair and installation, well inspections, and water tank repairs and installations.

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