If you’re one of the 43 million Americans with well water, chances are you know a thing or two about what it takes to maintain your water well. But here’s the kicker- most people have never had a well inspection or followed a checklist to maintain their system. Sadly, neglecting yearly maintenance can put the quality of your water supply at risk. At Ackerson Pump Company, we’ve been offering water well service to the Hamburg area since 1969. We understand the crucial role of maintaining your well to ensure the safety of the water you and your family use every day. Here are our tried-and-true tips for water well care.

Ackerson Pump Company Hamburg Water Well Services

A Water Well Maintenance Checklist

To help you stay on top of essential maintenance tasks, we’ve compiled a comprehensive well maintenance checklist inspired by the National Ground Water Association (NGWA):

1. Choose Certified Professionals

Always rely on licensed/certified water well drillers when constructing a well or servicing the system. This will guarantee that the job is done safely and effectively.

2. Schedule Yearly Maintenance Check

Schedule an annual well maintenance check. Don’t forget to include a bacterial test. It’s crucial to examine the water quality for any changes in taste, odor, or appearance or after any water supply system servicing. This proactive approach offers early detection of potential issues.

3. Keep Hazards at Bay

Protect your well by keeping hazardous chemicals, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, far from its vicinity. These chemical substances can seep through the soil and find their way into your water source, posing a threat to your health and the environment. By separating the hazards from your well, you minimize the chances of contamination and maintain the integrity of your water supply. 

4. Monitor Well Cover or Cap

Every few months, inspect the well cover or cap on top of the well casing to ensure it’s working properly. This simple step prevents unwanted substances from infiltrating your well and safeguards against potential damage.

5. Watch for Mechanical Issues

In addition to inspecting the well cover or cap, watch for any signs of mechanical issues. Look for any leaks, strange noises, or irregularities in water pressure. If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional water well service provider.

6. Maintain Proper Separation

Maintaining proper separation between your well and waste systems, chemical storage facilities, and buildings is important. Following this rule, as advised by the NGWA, will prevent any potential contamination and protect your water supply. Trust your professional contractor’s expertise in adhering to these guidelines.

Find a Trusted Water Well Service Provider

At Ackerson Pump Company, we take pride in offering comprehensive water well services in Hamburg and across Bergen, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren Counties. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in water well repairs and inspections.

Don’t take chances with the quality and safety of the water supply for your Hamburg area home. Contact Ackerson Pump Company online or at (973) 827-6088 to schedule your annual well maintenance checkup. By following this checklist and partnering with Ackerson Pump Company, you can rest easy knowing that your water supply will remain clean, safe, and reliable.