Many homeowners believe you only need the services of a professional well inspector when installing a new well or conducting annual maintenance, but did you know that well inspectors do much more? You may need to hire a licensed well inspector from Ackerson Pump Company in several scenarios. Let’s discuss three of the most common situations today.

Why Hire a Professional Well Inspector?

1. Home Inspection

When homeowners purchase a home, a licensed inspector typically evaluates the structure and its various systems. If the home has a well, we recommend having a licensed well inspector evaluate the overall condition and function of the well. Many people don’t realize that a general home inspection does not include a well inspection. The last thing you want to be surprised with when moving into your new home is expensive repairs for a broken-down well. 

2. Well Inspection

A professional well inspection, which can only be provided by a licensed well inspector, involves several steps, from evaluating different parts to testing the water for various minerals. Our well inspectors arrive at your home to inspect the water well system and provide you with valuable feedback on the condition and function of your well within one to two hours. We evaluate and test the following areas: 

  • Tank, fittings, and valves
  • Pump and water lines
  • Wellhead, well cap, and water levels
  • Electrical wiring, capacitor, and gauges
  • Water pressure and refill speed
  • Water quality
  • Water softener and components

3. Repairs & Installations

In addition to performing well inspections when purchasing a home or as part of your overall well maintenance, we also service, repair, and install water wells. We have experience with these types of repairs and installations:

  • Submersible, sump, jet, and constant pressure pumps
  • Water lines from the well to your home
  • Water tanks
  • Water chlorination

Professional Well Inspection Services in Sussex County

For licensed well inspection services, contact us at (973) 827-6088. We gladly serve Sussex County and the surrounding areas with our water pump, water well, and water tank installations, repairs, and emergency services.

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