Replacing a water tank is a simple task that can be taken care of by any local pump company. As a homeowner, you want to be sure the water tank that is installed in your home will safely store your water. Not only that, most water tanks should last a minimum of 10 years. Ackerson Pump Company uses only the highest quality water tanks. This guarantees a water system that will continue to provide water to your family for years to come.

3 Reasons to Trust Ackerson to Replace Your Water Tank

Brand-Name Water Tanks

Ackerson chooses products based on their performance and longevity. This is why we only carry top-of-the-line brands like Flexcon fiberglass tanks and Amtrol WELL-X-TROL water tanks. Both are well-known for their superb quality, and are manufactured from premium materials. 

Premium Water Tank Materials

Not only are the water tanks we use made of long-lasting products such as fiberglass and steel, but they are also produced using premium materials. The steel water tanks are built with a polypropylene liner along with a butyl diaphragm. Both of these items prevent that rubbery taste that so many other water tanks can give your drinking water. We only use brass fittings when installing your new water tank, as plastic fittings can wear out quickly and crack easily.

Thorough Water Tank Services

In order to keep your water pressure tank performing well, it’s important to properly maintain your water tank system. At Ackerson, we follow these four steps to ensure your water tank continues working at its best:

  • Replace switch, gauge, and release valve as needed.
  • Replace worn or defective parts on the pump.
  • Check to make sure the water tank is functioning properly.
  • Air-charge the water tank.

Trust Ackerson with Your Water Tank Installation

If you’re in need of a water tank replacement, contact the Ackerson team at (973) 827-6088. We can also address any issues related to water pumps, submersible pumps, and water wells in Sussex County and the surrounding areas.