Most water wells can operate for many years with no warning signs of any upcoming problems. By the time your well needs to be inspected, unnecessary damage may have already been done. Call the professionals at Ackerson Pump Company at (973) 827-6088 when you notice the following symptoms in your water system. 

Professional Inspection for Your Well Pump

1. Air in Your Water

If your water spurts and sputters when you turn on your faucet, it is possible that unwanted gas or air is somehow sneaking into your well. This could be caused by a broken well pump or a low water table. Sometimes groundwater can contain various types of gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, or hydrogen sulfide. These elements can be hazardous to your health, making it imperative that your well receives a proper inspection.

2. Sand in Your Water

No one likes to wash dishes in a sink full of soapy, sandy water. If you find sand in your water, this could be a sign that your water tank is filling up with sand and salt. Sand can wear out your water pump and cause more damage if not corrected quickly.

3. Low Water Pressure

There are a variety of causes for low water pressure – a broken or clogged well pump, scaling on the inside of your pipes due to hard water, or a failing pressure tank. Low water pressure causes your faucets to produce less water than normal and also makes the pump cycle on and off more frequently.

4. High Electric Bill

A well pump that is blocked due to an overwhelming amount of minerals or sand has to work much harder than a correctly working well pump. This causes your water pump to use an enormous amount of energy because it has to constantly run to keep your home supplied with fresh water.

The water well inspectors at Ackerson Pump Company have years of experience providing professional well inspections in the New Jersey areas of Sussex County, Bergen County, and Morris County. Call us at (973) 827-6088, or request your water well inspection today.