More and more homeowners have looked into getting their drinking water from a private water well, rather than a public water system. Although private systems have many benefits, it is important to remember having private water wells mean that it is your responsibility to ensure the water is safe to drink. The following are common questions regarding testing the drinking water from water wells.

How Frequently Should The Well Water Be Tested?

Testing A Private Water Well In A New Home If you are moving into a new home or are planning on drilling a new water well, you should always have a water quality test done before using it for the first time. This tests the water for pesticides, organic chemicals, and heavy metals, all of which are harmful to your family and pets. This is often included in a water well inspection that is done when purchasing a new home. Yearly Water Well Testing Your water supply should be tested annually for nitrate and coliform bacteria, total dissolved solids, pH levels and any other constituents that may be of concern in your area. If you suspect a problem, do not hesitate to test more frequently. By detecting contamination problems early on, you should be able to address the issues more easily, before anyone becomes ill. There is a very helpful chart on the USEPA website that details when to have your drinking water tested and what to test for. Testing Water Wells Because Of Health Concerns It is important to test your drinking water more frequently if someone in your home has immune deficiencies, is pregnant or nursing, or if there is an infant in the home. When testing your water wells in these instances it is important to pay close attention to the nitrate levels.

Who Can Perform A Well Water Test Or Water Well Inspection?

County Health Departments In many cases, county health departments can help you test your water wells for bacteria or nitrates. Sometimes these departments will even do so free of charge. Private Laboratories Several private laboratories also offer water well testing. Make sure that the lab you choose is state certified specifically for drinking water. Most of these labs will supply their own sample containers for you to collect water samples in. Some will even send trained technicians to collect the samples for you. Well Inspection Companies Companies like Ackerson Pump Company in Sussex County perform well inspections to make sure that your water well is functioning correctly and in good condition. Our well inspectors will do a thorough job of examining the well to be sure it is operating correctly and able to keep up with the demands placed upon it. During a water well inspection, we will check the following things:
  • Examine the tank, fittings, and valves inside the house.
  • Monitor and pump the well. This involves taking off the well cap and checking the water level as we run it.
  • Check the water in the water softener for iron, sulfur, and hardness.
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