What to Expect at a Well Inspection

Did you recently move into a New Jersey home that has its own well and septic system? Or has it been a while since you’ve had your water well inspected? No matter what has you looking into a well inspection, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Ackerson Pump of Sussex, NJ can help answer your questions.

Summer Residential Well Cleaning & Inspection

If your New Jersey home utilizes well water, the National Ground Water Association recommends that you get a periodic professional well inspection and cleaning. You want to make sure you are drinking clean water that doesn’t have a funny aftertaste, contain bacteria, or contain unwanted debris. Plus, a clean well operates more effectively and efficiently.

Keep Your Water Clean, Part 3

In the spirit of keeping up with the Joneses, you’ll find more perfectly manicured and lavishly landscaped yards now than ever. While it’s beneficial to care about your home’s curb appeal and important to care for your greenery, you need to make sure you do it in a healthy, sustainable way. Many people are too fast to grab the pesticides—sometimes to the detriment of their groundwater.  

Underground Upkeep: Maintaining Your Submersible Pump System

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Every homeowner has a large to-do list of home improvement projects, and we’re much more prone to fix the flaws we see every day than the ones we don’t. That’s why it’s so easy to forget about checking your submersible pump or water tank. You don’t see them buried underground, and, most likely, the only time you’re reminded of their existence is when something goes wrong.

Homeowners and Potential Buyers: Water Well Inspections

If you are looking at buying a new home that runs on its own water well and septic system, this is something you will want a qualified inspector check out before making an offer, making sure that they test both the tank and well for potential problems. Having to replace or relocate a well is a large and expensive project that you want to be prepared for, should it be required. Home inspectors aren’t usually licensed to do well inspections, … Continued